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The team at EcoPro are on a mission to CREATE HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS. A healthy office means healthy workers, healthy workers equals increased productivity. No brainer! So switch to NZ's green commercial cleaners for a healthier workplace.

As the only cleaning company in New Zealand capable of providing a service licenced by Environmental Choice NZ (ECNZ) we pride ourselves in being industry leaders in environmentally friendly cleaning practices and methodology.  In an industry rife with greenwashing and in a world full of corporates paying lip service to the sustainability message, we at EcoPro have gone all out to set ourselves apart from the rest.  Combining over 40 years experience in commercial cleaning with a vibrant, "early-adopter" attitude to doing business we take the time to listen and understand your individual needs and tailor our service to suit you and your business. 

By using only environmentally certified products and our specialised cleaning processes, we aim to eliminate toxic chemicals, minimise use of unnecessary plastic and reduce waste to landfill, creating a healthier working environment in which you and your staff can flourish.  With loss of productivity costing business owners millions each year due to staff illness and absenteeism, the "value of clean" is certainly one that has a real impact on bottom lines.

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Reducing waste to landfill
By implementing some easy eco cleaning principles we help businesses cut their plastic bag consumption by as much as 79% and waste to landfill by 75%

Healthy Work Environments
You don’t need to use nasty chemicals to keep your office clean. Using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products results in fewer allergies and bad reactions, which can mean fewer sick days thereby increasing productivity.

Certified consumables and products
Carefully selected range of washroom consumables and services. We've done our homework for you - by choosing only certified products with rigorous third party accreditation we know the whole life cycle of each and every product has been taken into consideration.

Commitment to social responsibility
We place high importance on strong ethical values, thereby looking after our people as well as our environment. Unlike a franchise company, we make our money out of cleaning, not out of selling franchises. By ensuring our people get a bigger slice of the pie and not clipping the ticket we establish long and successful relationships with those in the EcoPro family.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Environmental Choice NZ certified
Working towards Enviro-Mark
2012/13 Sponsors of the Westpac Business Awards
2015 Sponsors of the Sustainable Business Network Awards
Members of the Green Building Council

Sustainability Awards

2011 Winner - Westpac Business Awards "Excellence in Sustainability" category
2010 Winner - Environmental Choice "Innovator of the Year" Award

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