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Growing mushrooms is no longer just a food source. They can also be used for pollution clean-up, bio-fuels, insect pest control and health and well-being. Fungi have shaped our planet in many more ways than they have ever been acknowledged for.

We supply Mushroom spawn in many different forms depending on our customer’s experience level, commercial, hobbyist and science experiments. We also sell products for growing mushrooms and other fungi to help people on their journey, where ever possible We use only organic and sustainable products.

The fungi we sell are mainly for consumption but as in our introduction many of the species have other uses. We currently have 9 species available and over the next few months we will be importing many more species into NZ that we hope will help reshape how people see and use fungi. Anyone willing will be able to produce an almost endless supply of food and fungi for other uses.  Almost all organic plant material can be used.


Rather than plagiarising someone else’s work, namely Paul Stamets who would be considered the father of mycology to many people interested in fungi and probably the biggest founder of new ways to use fungi, we will give a short description and point to his website or studies so he gets as much credit and attention that he deserves.

  • Entomopathogenic fungi, fungi that kill and consume insects have been labelled the most destructive technology to come along in decades, not towards insects but the pesticide industry.
  • Bio Remediation using fungi like king stropharia for decontamination of water coming from dairy farms and storm water run-off to kill coli bacteria before it enters our waterways which they then turn into a food source to make mushrooms for consumption.
  • Turkey tail mushroom has been used for centuries for medicinal use. A study done recently proves that components of turkey tail are immunologically active and increase the NK (natural killer) cells after chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients.
  • White decay fungi evolved to break down lignin in woody plants. Lignin and hydrocarbons resemble each other chemically which means a mushroom family known as Oyster mushrooms can break down hydrocarbons found in petrochemicals.
  • There is a species of fungi that can directly produce a biofuel from organic matter as well as the potential to use sugars extracted from fungi to ferment into fuel. The idea here is not to grow mushrooms but to get non sporulating fungi mycelium to directly break down its substrate to sugars.
  • Others are plastic eating fungi that could be introduced to landfills to slowly break down plastics missed by recycling.

These ideas are just the very tip of the iceberg. We welcome any conversation or feedback.

If anyone has requests of fungi they are interested in we can find out what may be available, just be aware many species are not available because of our biosecurity which is also very important.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We offer ways for people to be self-sustaining rather than having to keep buying products off the shelf. To culture fungi after buying the original spawn is quite inexpensive and can be as cost-less as how much research and learning a person is prepared to put into it.

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