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The Misprint Co. repurposes non-confidential waste paper into top-notch notebooks and notepads. Through repurposing this paper first, we can reduce the amount of water and carbon emissions needed to recycle NZ's paper waste overseas.

Founded in 2014, a team of designers saw a lot of paper waste in their industry that could've been repurposed before being recycled. Currently New Zealand's paper recycling gets optimistically sent to China. Whether it gets there or not is a different matter. 

One sheet of A4 paper takes 10 Litres of water to make. Through repurposing our waste paper first, we can reduce the amount of water and carbon emissions needed to recycle paper. 

Currently based in Wellington, The Misprint Co. aims to help businesses and learning institutions to become more sustainable through repurposing their paper waste before recycling. For more details on their services please visit their website.  


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

The Misprint Co. repurposing service - turning businesses and schools' non-confidential waste paper in funky and good-looking stationery. Every notebook or notepad helps save 130-260 litres of water that would've been needed to recycle that paper.

Since The Misprint Co. deals with large amounts of paper, we have created a Tree Fund that works with the Wellington City Council to plant new trees in the Wellington Region. For every notebook and notepad sold, the awkward 75c from the cost goes towards this fund. Helping to give back to the environment.

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