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Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) in an independent, private sector organisation representing all sectors of New Zealand's tourism industry. TIA works to create an environment that helps our 1500+ members grow and flourish.

TIA is the only independent association that represents all sectors of New Zealand’s large and diverse tourism industry. We are vocal supporters of our members and the wider industry, working to ensure tourism gets the recognition it deserves as a vital contributor to the country’s economic and social health.

  • We lobby local and central government to shape policies and create an environment that helps our 1500 members grow and flourish.
  • We led development of the industry’s Tourism 2025 growth framework.
  • We help our members create world class businesses through providing expert advice, contact and support.
  • We provide leadership on matters that impact on the competitiveness and success of the tourism industry.
  • We align with organisations that support the tourism industry and provide valuable services to our members.
  • We provide information and advice to keep members up-to-date with industry issues, respond to trends, take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges.
  • We demonstrate our leadership through a comprehensive and diverse range of industry events, including:

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

New Zealand’s natural environment is the primary motivation for travel by our international visitors, plays a major part in domestic leisure travel and forms the basis for thousands of tourism businesses. TIA supports the tourism sector to protect and enhance the environment on which it depends, for the enjoyment of future generations and future visitors.

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