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We are Trade Me, the place where Kiwis buy and sell online. We're currently the leading online marketplace and classified advertising platform in New Zealand.

This spans from auctions to fixed-priced sales for new and used goods, with automotive, real estate and employment businesses.

We also have web businesses specialising in accommodation and online dating. On top of that, we sell advertising across our portfolio of websites.

The core idea of Trade Me is simple: we connect people and businesses, and provide them with the information and tools they need to undertake a transaction. 


What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We want our members to feel good about being part of our community, and we want the wider public to feel good about doing business with us as a company that helps out with worthy causes. We’re carbon neutral. This means we measure our carbon emissions, are committed to reducing our emissions and offset what we can't reduce. We also publish fuel efficiency information for new cars, so you can consider the environmental and fuel costs of cars before you buy. Trade Me is involved in sponsorship and philanthropy as a good Kiwi company.

We’ve often supported things that are family-orientated and familiar to Kiwis – events and organisations that align with our company values. Trade Me doesn’t have the staff numbers to participate in sponsorships that require a massive investment of resources, so we look for sponsorships which are practical to manage and take advantage of the strengths of our platform.

We have also been involved in some special one-off projects. For example, in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, our team pulled together to build a community support site for Cantabrians and those looking to help them out with offers of accommodation, transport, manpower or items. And in June 2011, our tech team built the Landcheck website for the NZ Government and Christchurch property owners pro bono and in just four days.

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