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For over 20 years, Transformations has been New Zealand's largest training organisation for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and a world-leading NLP development centre. Trainers Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva deliver training.

Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva deliver training in NLP at Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd. Neuro Linguistic Programming provides amazingly simple, powerful methods to change the way you think, feel, act and learn, and to achieve success in teaching, counselling, business, health care, sports and personal development. Background information on NLP is available from several sources on the internet. If you're new to NLP, check out the book Transforming Communication, or to attend the Keys to Success introductory weekend. To try it right now, you can download MP3 audio, video or books! "Someone I've enjoyed learning from over a number of years is Richard Bolstad, one of the most thorough and competent trainers in NLP. He is one of the very few who is constantly developing new distinctions in understanding and practice, as well as congruently living what he teaches.... He is one of the finest NLP trainers I know. Besides being personable, engaging, and high energy, he is very skilled, with a rare breadth and depth of knowledge that is detailed and ecological." - Steve Andreas (centre) NLP trainer, author & developer.

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Transformations provides community services such as free training for environmental organisations and training on cooperative relationships are gifted free through the New Zealand Peace Foundation.

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