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Treescape specialises in the cost effective maintenance of trees & vegetation: tree pruning & removal, power line clearing, transplanting, land clearing, consultancy & restoration. We pride ourselves in working safely, professionally with integrity.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Treescape constantly invests in R&D to both develop and trial more environmentally friendly alternatives to the products and services we engage with. For example, we will purchase (where possible) Hybrid trucks instead of diesel, which have less of an environmental impact. We are also rolling out the use of bio-oil for chainsaw lubrication, to replace unsustainable, and environmentally harmful oils we used previously.

Treescape is also actively involved in many vegetation restoration projects in the Hauraki Gulf, and has played a huge part in pest eradication and reinstating native wildlife projects for our clients. Individual Treescape depots often get involved with their communities, by donating mulch to schools, and helping charities with firewood and mulch wherever possible. We also hold 5 certifications which is evidence of our commitment to professionalism and overall business sustainability.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

ACC WSMP Tertiary, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 4801, and Enviro-Mark Diamond.

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