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Unitec delivers tertiary education for a sustainable world with programmes designed to create sustainable practitioners, real world sustainable research solutions, advocating for sustainable communities and greening our campuses

At Unitec Institute of Technology we educate people for work, in work and through work with a comprehensive portfolio of programmes extending from certificates and diplomas to degrees and doctorates, across a wide range of professional and vocational areas. Our dual-sector commitment to postgraduate and degree-level study on the one hand, and to vocational education and training on the other, sets us apart from other universities and institutes of technology in New Zealand. Our focus on real world education provides work-ready graduates with professional and vocational skills that are highly sought after in New Zealand and around the world. We are an Institute of Technology in New Zealand and a member of the International Association of Universities.  Unitec is a proud member of the Sustainable Business Network of New Zealand and the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Unitec launched an Environmental Sustainability Strategy in 2011. With a focus on excellent sustainability content across a wide range of tertiary education programmes our students are able to gain the tools and strategies they need to apply sustainability in real-world situations. Through our programmes and courses we help deliver the leaders we need to produce a sustainable future. Sustainability content is tailored to each programme and focuses on real information from authentic contexts with practical examples.  This means our students are able to start making a difference, on campus, in their communities, in their workplaces and in their careers while studying at Unitec. We have a 250+ strong team of Eco-reps, a mixture of staff and students who act as environmental role models and leaders.



What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

At Unitec we have a proud history of teaching environmental, social, cultural and economic skills, operating an efficient campus, and recognising our responsibility to do more. To meet our commitment to operating as a sustainable organisation we've developed an Environmental Sustainability Strategy which we launched in 2011 under which we focus on:
Teaching Every student gains the understanding, tools and strategies they need to apply sustainability in the real world
Research Delivering practically orientated and applied sustainability related research
Advocacy Acknowledging the whakapapa of the land and our role as guardians by empowering staff, students and communities to act sustainably
Campus Creating green, smart campus environments to reduce our environmental footprint and demonstrate experimentation, innovation and best practices

Sustainability Awards

2012 Sustainable Business Network Trailblazer Award for Not for Profits
2013 Green Gown Australasia Award for Smaller Institutions
2014 EECA Awards Finalist

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