VEGA makes it easy for groups & NFPs to attract supporters, funding and volunteers, ensuring long-term success. It's a complete supporter management, communications and engagement tool and fundraising package with analytics all in one.

Within an hour of signing up for VEGA, you can be online with a full donation and membership E-commerce platform linked directly into your database, and with no redevelopment of your website. A simple plug-in is installed and you are live.

VEGA is so cost effective that a single extra donation a month can be enough to cover the costs of a platform with more features than competitor products. We work with organisations who have been able to save enough by switching platforms to VEGA to enable funding of an extra FTE.

VEGA's personalised and unique landing pages for donations, membership and volunteers are guaranteed to lift your online income. That is before VEGA's back-office takes over to help you dramatically increase your reach to new and existing supporters.

Why is VEGA superior to single function CRMs, communication and fundraising platforms?

VEGA is specifically designed for not-for-profits and community groups and is the only platform to offer supporter engagement, supporter management, communications, marketing and volunteer management in one platform.

VEGA the multifunctional platform purpose built for not-for-profits and immunity groups providing the best technology and value for money available. 

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