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A unique webinar and workshop package for professionals involved in the design, development and leadership of our built environment.

“How do we create better business cases and get value propositions for sustainability across the line?”

“How do we influence key people to invest in change, getting sustainable results”?

This learning package entails a 1.5 hour webinar followed by a one day workshop which will expose you to the theory and practice of taking a broader view of ‘value’ in your built environment work. It will address how you as a practitioner can influence and support smart decision-making, and explore ways to account for social, cultural and natural capitals, as well as wider economic value.

The webinar will be hosted by experienced practitioners who will introduce the foundations of the theory and practice from both local and international perspectives.

The workshop will take you beyond the theoretical knowledge of the array of tools available. You will have an opportunity to explore when to use different approaches and how apply them to your project or organisation. With a particular focus on the built environment, facilitators will develop your ability to use these approaches to tell a story that resonates with your stakeholders’ expectations or motivations, gets sustainability value propositions across the line, and sets up to measure the results that matter to them.


“I am motivated to create more sustainable outcomes but that’s not what the client or my other stakeholders have asked for.”

“I am aware that my clients are requesting that their partners incorporate a wider view of value into their proposals and work programmes but I am unsure how to go about that.”

“We want to understand how to capture the competitive advantages (and mitigating the risks of not) integrating natural, social and cultural capital into our work and as an organisation.’

This programme is designed for:

  • Engineers and other professionals involved in the design and delivery of projects who want to create better business cases for integrating sustainability into their projects.
  • Practitioners who know how to do “the sustainable doing”, but have to grapple with influencing the right people to get the go-ahead.
  • Asset owners or managers who want to enhance their understanding and measurement of value over the life of their assets.
  • Teams or groups from an organisation that wish to enhance their collective capacity to incorpoate natural, social and cultural capital into their particular context or project.


“I want to integrate sustainability into my projects and create a robust argument for the associated value and benefits but there are so many different tools and methodologies. Which ones are the most effective in my work? How do I apply them? How can I communicate this to the decision-makers?”

This package is designed to explore the extensive array of tools and frameworks available to measure value more robustly and then focus strongly on the application of these tools to built environment contexts.

You will walk away with:

  • Enhanced understanding of the spectrum of tools to create better business cases which integrate a broader model of value
  • Practice on how to identify and construct the right story for the right stakeholders
  • Understanding of how these tools have been applied successfully in projects or organisations within the built environment community
  • Hands-on practice at selecting and applying tools to your particular context to get your value proposition across the line.


Alison Howard

Associate Director (Sustainability) at Deloitte

Alison is a professional engineer with expertise in corporate sustainability, strategy development, carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, energy efficiency and staff engagement. She has a proven track record establishing sustainability policy and procedures within large organisations having worked extensively within the Meridian Energy Limited group of companies and with central government in New Zealand.

Alison is experienced in delivering practical sustainability outcomes that make a difference – to the bottom line, to the environment and in enhancing reputation. Alison will be joined by other contributors who will offer practical examples of framework implementation.

Monique Cornish

Principal Advisor (Sustainability, Risk, Resilience) at Tonkin and Taylor

Monique is a built environment specialist and has worked with a range of government, corporate and NGO clients across Oceania, Europe and the Americas to help them articulate, and respond to, environmental, social and governance risks, and to deliver sustainable, resilient outcomes to stakeholders.

Monique specialises in linking sustainability and resilience measures to core business strategy, and measuring broader costs and benefits of initiatives and outcomes. Most recently Monique co-led the development of a resilience decision-support tool for the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), which frames the evaluation of resilience measures in the context of broader environmental, social, cultural and economic costs and benefits.



1.5 hour online webinar session offered to all workshop participants prior to the workshop.

Given the scope of this area, the webinar will offer a chance to lay a foundational understanding that can then be built on and applied during the workshop.

This webinar will be presented by Tom Barnett who has worked for Trucost in the UK and Europe for the past eight years. More info


This will be a one-day workshop

Morning session – exploring principles, frameworks and tools

  • Exploring the extensive breadth of tools and frameworks available that can facilitate the integration of a wider value model
  • Understanding how these frameworks can be used to create stakeholder engagement and value

Afternoon session – focussed application within the built environment

  • Exploring leading practice case studies of application to the built environment from here and overseas
  • Hands on application to your built environment work – exploring what frameworks are relevant, how to apply those to create an engaging story for specific stakeholders and how to embed them into the activation and measurement of your projects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your “real work” to this session – creating and maximising the value of participation and direct flow-on benefits for your everyday work.


SBN members receive a 15% discount

In addition organisational groups of 3 or more people who participate in any one of the three workshops will receive a further 15% discount on registration fees.

More info and registration for: 

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Event Type: Workshop
Event Date: 15 May 2017
Event Time / Duration: 10am - 4:30pm
Price (Members): $307.91 – $517.50
Price (Non-Members): $307.91 – $517.50


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Valuing Sustainability Webinar and Workshop – Wellington

18 May 2017 - Wellington

A unique webinar and workshop package for professionals involved in the design, development and leadership of our built environment.

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