Plan for a great year with the Kiwi Diary 2015

By jay

Question: how can you fit all the goodness of New Zealand’s best-loved artists, photographers, academics, poets, chefs and thinkers into a single Christmas stocking? Answer: The Kiwi Diary 2015.

The Kiwi Diary 2015 is now into its 11th year, delivering a unique combination of all the goodness of Godzone, carefully curated into a 250 page diary.

“There’s nothing quite like it – the Kiwi Diary is a fresh fusion of a diary and art/poetry/recipe-book, with a dollop of cultural almanac and intelligent magazine,” says Freda Wells, co-founder of the Kiwi Diary.

An established community of more than 80 contributors from all corners of Aotearoa contribute their creativity in the name of spreading inspiration.

Ranging from emerging to renowned chefs, poets, artists, writers, photographers and thinkers, the collectively-produced, 100% NZ-made Kiwi Diary celebrates the places we live, the people we live with and the land we live on, tied together with socially and environmentally-responsible values.

Some of the inspiring 2015 contributions include: Dr Mary Grogan on values and motivation; Dr Siobhan Lynch on mindfulness; Dr Niki Harre on the Infinite Game; Dr Mike Joy on Our Rivers; poetry by David Eggleton and I.K. Paterson-Harkness; and recipes from Fleur’s Place, Plentiful Deli and Logan Brown. See the full contributors list here.

Co-founders Freda Wells and Annabel Wilson are grateful for the support Kiwi Diary has received over the years from customers and sponsors, who share the diary’s values.

“The Kiwi Diary forms a response to the question ‘What is Kiwi culture?’  We’re also sharing the inspirational things that are happening out there that don’t make the daily news but leave us in a better mood,” says Freda. 

“We wanted to create something that celebrates the uniqueness of New Zealand’s culture, environment and heritage, with sustainable values at its core.  People seem to love it,” she says. 

Designed to share creative inspiration and build community, the Kiwi Diary is ideal for diarising your life, jotting down notes, thoughts and to-do’s.  At $36 it is a steal, in light of similarly priced blank-paged diaries that are printed offshore.

The Kiwi Diary is stocked at a variety of retailers nationwide. The Kiwi Diary is offering SBN members a special price of $28 (RRP $36). Click here to purchase yours or to enquire about bulk discounts. Postage and packaging costs an additional $5.

The Kiwi Diary team would like to acknowledge the invaluable support from their sponsors: Logan Brown, Commonsense Organics, Sujon Berries, Hema, Emersons and The Bluebridge.