Thinking of buying an EV?.

Here are 8 compelling reasons why you should.

1.       Fuel cost is equivalent to about 30 cents per litre (or an average fuel saving of $1800 per year).

2.       90% of daily travel is less than 90km (meaning a single night-time home charge is enough).

3.       Climate-damaging carbon emissions are typically reduced by 80%.

4.       Clean air - no more tail-pipe pollution.

5.       There is an increasing range of EV options available, both new and second-hand.

6.       Costs of second-hand entry level EVs are coming down.

7.       EVs are exempt from road-user charges until 2021.

8.       More and more fast-charging stations are being installed road-side and at commercial sites.

EV benefits_EECA summary

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