We carry out collaborative projects with our members, helping them actively contribute to transforming New Zealand to a model sustainable nation as well as innovating their businesses.

Each project is aligned with one of our four transformation areas.

Our core projects focus on creating demand for more sustainable products and services.

Creating Demand

Smart Procurement Solutions – assessing the sustainability of your suppliers

Transformation Area: Community

Vision: to use our purchasing power to create a sustainable future

SBN’s corporate and council members have formed a working group to identify common sustainable procurement criteria against which to assess their tender proposals.  SBN will work with our small and medium-sized member businesses to help them understand their role as a supplier – to both meet these criteria and help corporate/council purchasers implement their sustainability strategies.  

SBN’s role is to facilitate the working group of large purchasers to get consensus about minimum purchasing criteria and educate our members about the group’s resulting criteria.

Click here to view the Smart Procurement Assessment Tool.

25 large purchasing organisations including councils and corporates are involved in this project.

Partners:      Air NZ logo    PrintEECA - bigNZI logoThe university of auckland

Contact: Samuel McGlennon, 


Electric Vehicles

Transformation Area: Renewables

Vision: within 5 years electric vehicles become a common sight on New Zealand roads

Our role to collaborate with progressive businesses to help enable the year-on-year doubling of EVs on our roads over the next five years. Check out our summary guide on buying an EV here.

Converting our vehicle fleets to electric is an important part of transitioning New Zealand to a smarter and low carbon transport system. The movement from petrol based to electric vehicles will be an essential part of the broader shift to renewable, low carbon modes including: active modes, biofuels and a societal shift to a sharing asset economy.

SBN has established an EV Project with the aim of accelerating this shift through sharing of best practice and myth busting.

We are spearheading co-ordination of an EV ‘Road Map’ to help bring 64,000 electric vehicles on to New Zealand’s roads in the next five years. We are collaborating with key players in the EV sector, including government, regional groups, motor industry representatives, and many of our members.  We’ve convened a stakeholder group with representatives from more than 25 key organisations across the sector.

Our initial focus is on the passenger vehicle fleet: pool cars and those mainly purchased by our business (large and small).  

We are now seeking financial partners to enable us to drive this change.  We have a great plan and this requires active partners and financial contribution for it to roll out effectively.

Organisations involved: ABB, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Better NZ Trust, Blue Cars,, Cityhop, Custom Fleet, Downer, Ecotricity, EECA, EV Imports, Fulton Hogan, Green Cabs, Leaseplan, Meridian, Mighty River Power, NZI/IAG, NZ Post, Optifleet, Opus, Qrious, Renault, Vector, Westpac, Yoogo.

Contact: Phil Jones,



Circular Economy Model Office

Transformation Area: Mega efficiency

Vision: to transform the office refurbishment and new build industry from a linear model (‘take-make-waste’) to a circular one (where the lifecycle of materials is maximised, usage optimised and at the end of life all materials are reutilised)

SBN is working with member organisations to produce a cross-industry guide to creating a Circular Economy Model Office. The guide, aimed at the office refurbishment industry, will include specifications for maximising the use of in situ materials, diverting non-used materials from landfill and ensuring any new materials have an end-of-life solution.

SBN’s role is to coordinate production of the guide, and to identify and promote case studies that will help drive the market. We have already been working with members Reclaim and Fulton Hogan on how their office refurbishments can be Circular Economy Model Offices

Click here to download a copy of the Circular Economy Model Office Guide

Partners:  Wordmark  inzide TORK_281CMYK_30mm (1) AucklandCouncil EECA - big


Support Partners: Apex_logo  FH_land_AUS_CMYK  thinkstep_small  wasteminz   F&P Healthcare


Organisations involved: AUT University, EnviroSpec and a range of other architects and product manufacturers.

Contact: James Griffin,



Transformation Area: Renewables

Vision: to increase the use of biofuels in New Zealand by 20 per cent

Many businesses across the country are interested in the emissions reductions that can be achieved through the use of biofuels. With Gull delivering biofuels to the pump for the past seven years, the fuels have been tested and are already in the market. The objective of this project is to explore new opportunities for the use of biofuels in New Zealand, establish a set of early adopter case studies and create a resource to help companies work through any internal barriers to adopting these fuels.

SBN’s role is to work with our members to shift commercial/ light industrial fleets to biodiesel.

Read our Biofuels guide: Biofuels - your first step to kicking the fossil fuel habit.


Support Partners: thl_torus_rightFH_land_AUS_CMYK    NZMCA Logo

Organisations involved: EECA and NZ Biofuels Association.

Contact: Phil Jones,

Other transformational projects

Good Food Nation – call for partners

Are you a good food business? Find out more about how your organisation can be involved in our Good Food Nation project here.



National Good Food Network

Transformation Area: Restorative

Vision: to create a national food network with 10-12 organisations collaborating on improving access to healthy food in their communities

Across Aotearoa, there are a lot of great people working hard at grass roots, community and local government levels for better city region and regional food systems. We’re creating a national network so that organisations working on access to healthy food in communities can share information and have a stronger voice on local food issues. The network, launched in 2015, includes individuals from public health, sports trusts, iwi groups, local government, social enterprise and business.  

SBN’s role is to coordinate the national food network and implement a collective impact approach for organisations across New Zealand.

Contact: Emily Dowding-Smith,

Good Food Boost

Transformation Area: Restorative

Vision: to mentor good food businesses and help them gain a stronger market presence

For many producers, growers and purveyors of quality, healthy and nutritious food, access to markets and a fair price is a challenge. We’re working on solutions to help small businesses starting out with good food products get a boost through mentoring, guidance and access to markets. We’re also supporting established businesses to gain a stronger market presence.

This project will guide four good food businesses through a process of product development, business improvement and branding and marketing. They will be able to showcase their products at the Good Food Forum on 14 April 2016.

SBN’s role in this project is to coordinate and promote the Good Food Boost mentoring programme.

Partners:   Ateed   PanukuDevelopmentAucklandV2_0815

Contact: Emily Dowding-Smith,

Leadership in Sustainable Business course

Transformation Area: Community

Vision: to equip change makers to become enablers and leaders of positive sustainable change within projects that they’re working on so that sustainability programmes have broad-reaching engagement and impact.

We know that leading change within your organisation, and with your key stakeholders. can be challenging, so the purpose of this course is to give participants the skills and techniques to engage and influence these stakeholders to come along on the journey with you. This is a six month course, with five workshops across this time.  For more information see here or contact Alyssa to discuss if this course is right for you or your team.

Contact: Samuel McGlennon, 

Investing in our Future

Transformation Area: Community

Vision: to grow sustainable investment in New Zealand so it is on par with international standards

There is stated demand for responsible and sustainable investment options in New Zealand but barriers to this exist.  SBN is working with the investment industry to identify what needs to happen to provide attractive and viable products for New Zealand investors. We are working to grow the category of sustainable investment overall so it becomes a mainstream investment option in New Zealand.

SBN’s role is to understand consumer demands, facilitate the coalition of industry and educate consumers about sustainable investment options.

Contact: Samuel McGlennon, 

Bike Now!

Transformation Area: Renewables

Vision: The business community actively supports and encourages cycling, for its staff and visitors.

The BikeNow! project (previously Bike 2050) is run by the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) with the support of our partners, NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), AECOM and Fulton Hogan. The project is all about encouraging more workplaces to do more to encourage cycling by their staff.  It's healthier, cheaper, and often quicker!

If your organisation does great things to support workplace cycling, or if you want to find out how you can do more, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re mobilising the commercial sector to play a leading role in cycling’s growth in New Zealand. The development of more safe cycleways, through NZTA’s Urban Cycleways Programme, gives much more opportunity for urban cyclists.

In the first year of our project (2015/16), we focussed on strengthening understanding of the current cycling system in New Zealand, engaging with stakeholders and identifying opportunities.

In the current year (2016/17), we’re focusing on helping to develop the soft infrastructure (e.g. knowledge, networks, resources), and contribute to attitudinal and behaviour change amongst target groups, within the business sector. 

Our specific activities are:

  • Delivering an enhanced awareness-raising and communications programme targeting the business community, including sharing great case studies.
  • Co-developing a best practice guide with NZTA, specifically targeted at the business community.
  • Delivering a strong promotional campaign to get our members (and others) to take part in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, in February 2017.
  • Exploring opportunities to develop more sustainable construction materials in cycleways.

To get involved, or to find out more about BikeNow!, please contact Phil (

Partner: AECOM_color_rgb (22)FH_land_AUS_CMYKNZTA logo

Contact: Phil Jones,

Million Metres Streams Project

Transformation Area: Restorative

Vision: to restore health to New Zealand's waterways.

New Zealand’s first conservation crowd-funding website, the Million Metres Streams project aims to help restore the health of our waterways by speeding up the riparian planting of New Zealand’s streams, rivers and lakes. Individual or corporate donors can fund the planting of metres of waterways around New Zealand, and can select individual projects to fund.

SBN’s role in this project has been to set up the crowd-funding website in collaboration with Enspiral, and to manage the listing of riparian projects and coordinate their funding.

Partners:  DOC_logo_horizontal (2) cora_logo_large-2 2



Organisations involved:  AucklandCouncilEnspiral logo  Sustainablebcoastlines Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, Te Whangai Trust and Trees for Survival.

Contact: Georgina Hart,

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SBN is working with businesses in four transformation areas.
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