All Good – 2021 Awards finalist

All Good

All Good Bananas believes in providing New Zealanders with ethically-sourced food that helps others.

The business started in 2010. It now imports and sells more than 400,000 bunches of bananas per month and distributes to the Foodstuffs network and independent retailers.

Its Fairtrade and zero carbon bananas give New Zealanders a tangible way of supporting  action on climate change and social injustice. Bananas are New Zealand’s most commonly bought grocery item, and All Good Bananas says it’s imperative that consumers are given an ethical choice. Presenting such an option motivates other brands to do better.

Eleven years ago All Good made a long-term commitment to a Fairtrade co-operative in Ecuador called ‘El Guabo Association of Small Banana Producers’. With All Good’s support, El Guabo has built a full-service medical centre providing health checks, emergency response and pharmaceutical support and an institution to support women and girls who have been sexually and physically abused in their homes. All Good also supports 30 schools in Ecuador through its partnership with El Guabo.