BikeNow! is a unique collaboration between NZ Transport Agency, AECOM, Fulton Hogan and the Sustainable Business Network aimed at creating opportunities and value for businesses and their staff to get involved in cycling.  

We are looking to increase our financial Project Partners as the national rollout of cycleways continues over the next three years. We’re also looking for organisations keen to align with our work – councils and contractors, tourism operators – anyone keen to actively support the successful campaign for the growth of safe cycling in New Zealand.

Here are four reasons to get involved with BikeNow!: 


The value for business of supporting cycling has not been well understood in New Zealand. However there are a multitude of benefits:

  • Social: improved health and wellbeing of staff, thereby enhancing their productivity. Reducing cars from our streets makes them safer and more pleasant
  • Environmental: improving air and water quality by reducing vehicle emissions and reducing our individual and collective carbon footprint
  • Economic: reducing costs associated with parking and fuel use, and removing cars from shopping streets slows people down. The number of pedestrians and cyclists increases meaning more potential customers and increased sales.


New business opportunities for cycling are endless and the diversity of people interested includes all ages, genders and cultures as well as both sports and commuter cyclists. Whether creating new services to support commuting by bike, well-designed bike sharing schemes, cycling tourism options, clothing and bike accessories, redesigning cycle parking or redesigning the hard infrastructure, the opportunities to innovate and capture this new movement are tremendous. 


It’s clear that New Zealand cities have been designed for the car and that needs to change. As a part of the BikeNow! project we plan to run a design competition. Through the competition we will be encouraging people to re-imagine our urban centres, to rethink new services or models that support cycling and to create smarter, more sustainable city designs… so start thinking about what they might look like. 


Surveys tell us that a lot more people are keen to get on their bikes – but most are a bit scared of doing it so it’s important to provide a safe system for allowing staff to ride to and from work.  Here are some tips from Generation Zero for helping make that transition easier:

  1. Find out where the cycling routes are to and from your work
  2. Maybe establish a riding team and ride with a colleague
  3. Double check the road rules (some of us might be a little out of date on those)
  4. Join one of the community cycling ‘clubs’, for example the Frocks on Bikes, to increase your cycling confidence
  5. Take a cycling refresher course run by organisations like our wonderful member Adventure Capital or talk to your local bike shop (Blend Café and others) about a test ride or refresher course
  6. Encourage your local council and neighbours to put in more cycle lanes.
    The safer we can make cycling, the better it is for everyone.