Biofuels Today! Your first step to kicking the fossil fuel habit

There are 4 great reasons to use biofuel blends today! They are available today, safe, deliver immediate environmental benefit, and are cost-effective.


Available todayGull, GreenFuels and Mobil offer biofuel blends today and Z are planning to release a biofuel product later this year. Gull provides petrol biofuel blends at all of its upper North Island service stations. And they offer a biodiesel blend at select service stations, and more are planned. GreenFuels provides biodiesel direct in the Christchurch area.  Mobil provides a petrol biofuel blend in the Wellington area. Z will be offering a biodiesel blend soon in the upper North Island.  For more information, click here.

100% safe – All biofuel blends available for retail sale at service stations in NZ meet government-regulated fuel specifications, so they’re as safe for your vehicle as conventional fuels. For more information, click here.

Low carbon – Biofuels deliver up to 80% reduction in climate-altering carbon dioxide (CO2), compared with conventional fuels. Biofuels available in NZ are made from waste products, so you don’t need to worry about rainforest destruction or using food resources.  For example, use Gull’s Force 10 (98 Octane), which includes 10% ethanol derived mainly from milk processing waste,  and your vehicle will emit at least 5% less CO2.  So, you don’t have to buy an electric vehicle to make a difference!  For more information from EECA, click here.

Cost effective – Biofuel blends are typically the same price as conventional fuel, if not cheaper.

Biofuel blends are here – start using them today and make a difference now!

Where can I buy biofuel blends?

Are biofuel blends suitable and safe for my vehicle?

What are the main benefits of using biofuel blends?


Where can I buy biofuel blends?

Biofuel blends are available for petrol and diesel motor vehicles, and also generators.  There are options whether you’re buying at a retail service station, or if you want to bulk-buy (e.g. for generators or at depots).

Here are the options for diesel-powered engines…


Gull has a retail biodiesel blend product and can supply bulk blends. The biodiesel is produced from used cooking oil, and is blended with conventional diesel.

Retail – Diesel Max is an ultra-low sulphur biodiesel (with up to 5 per cent biodiesel blend, depending on availability of biofuel supply). It is available at Gull Albany, Gull Kingsland (Central Auckland), Gull Sel Peacock (West Auckland), Gull Te Ngae (Rotorua) and Gull Melville (Hamilton).  More information is available from Gull here.

Bulk purchase – Gull can supply commercial customers with bulk orders of biodiesel at any blend ratio required, e.g. B5, B20, B100, provided customers have a certified storage tank. Please contact Gull for further information.

Green Fuels NZ

Greenfuels NZ sells biodiesel direct from its manufacturing plant in Christchurch. The biofuel is produced from used cooking oil and can be blended or used up to 100 per cent (B100) depending on customer requirements.  Large fuel users can get it delivered and stored in a tank on-site, but must be stored according to fuel storage recommendations.

Here are the options for petrol-powered engines…


Gull has two retail bioethanol (petrol) products. The bioethanol is produced from re-purposing waste products from the dairy industry, and is blended with petrol.

Gull Force 10 (E10 – i.e. 10 per cent bioethanol mixed with premium 98 octane petrol) is a premium (98 octane) fuel, which emits up to 8 per cent less carbon dioxide than other high performance fuels and has been endorsed by EECA as an environmentally better fuel option.  Gull Force 10 is available at all Gull sites except Gisborne. 

Gull Force Pro (E85 – i.e. 85 per cent bioethanol content mixed with premium petrol) is an extreme octane (110 plus) bioethanol blended fuel. ‘Extreme Octane’ has a higher octane rating which brings better performance from the engine.  Gull Force Pro is, however, designed for use in certain vehicles only (called flex-fuel). Gull Force Pro is available at Gull Forrest Hill (North Shore, Auckland), Gull Hampton Downs (Waikato), Gull Melville (Hamilton), Gull Pukekohe and Taupiri Autostore (Waikato). For more on Force Pro see here.

Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited

Mobil has been selling ethanol-blended petrol at selected service stations in the greater Wellington region since mid-2008. This includes E10 or E3 but varies depending on service station.  Ask your Mobil retailer for specific information. 

Please note: information about retailers is subject to change depending on availability, so please check with your retailer for the most up to date information.

Are biofuel blends suitable and safe for my vehicle?

The short answer is Yes! 

All biofuel blends currently available at retail service stations can be used in the relevant vehicles. So, any diesel engine can use Gull’s Diesel Max product, and any petrol-powered vehicle which requires 98 Octane fuel can use Gull’s Force 10 (98 octane) product.


All biofuel blends available for retail sale in New Zealand must meet Government-regulated fuel specifications. These are the same specifications that diesel and petrol must meet.  All service stations supply fuel meeting these specifications.  But avoid ‘backyard biodiesel’.

Biofuels are commonly in use overseas and vehicle manufacturers have aligned the design of their vehicles accordingly. In New Zealand, we mostly receive vehicles built to the same general engine specifications allowing us to use biofuels in blends up to those sold in New Zealand service stations.

If you want to double check if your vehicle is able to use low blends click here to visit the AA website which has a list of vehicles that are compatible with bioethanol 3-10 per cent blends.  Alternatively, consult with your vehicle manufacturer before use if you are still uncertain.

What are the main benefits of using biofuel blends?

Sustainably produced biofuels have many benefits for New Zealand and for your organisation.

Biofuels benefit New Zealand by:

Reducing our carbon emissions – Biofuels reduce climate-damaging carbon emissions by up to 80%, compared with the equivalent volume of conventional liquid fuels (petrol and diesel). For more from EECA, click here.

Improving air quality – Biofuels generally produce significantly less particulate matter than conventional fuels, and so reduce the negative health effects of particulates in the air we breathe.

Enhancing our nation’s wealth – By producing biofuels in New Zealand we spend less on imported oil, and so help make New Zealand economically stronger.

And they can benefit your organisation by:

Enhancing your brand – using biofuels demonstrably shows you are doing something very practical to reduce your company’s carbon emissions.

Appealing to your staff – and the branding advantage extends to your staff. Increasingly, talented people only want to work for organisations which demonstrate commitment to improving the environment and society. Biofuels play a role in both.