Circular Economy Model Office

VISION: The office refurbishment and new build industry in New Zealand shifts from a linear model to a circular one

Cerebos Greggs, Auckland. Designed by Creative Spaces – repurposed original floorboards from Cerebos Greggs factory in Dunedin as reception desk frontage.

A circular economy is one where the lifecycle of materials is maximised, usage optimised and at the end of life all materials are reutilised. 

The sustainable business network is developing a circular economy in office construction and refurbishment in New Zealand. 
Construction and demolition waste contributes about half of what New Zealand throws away each year. In our finite world it is now vital we decouple economic growth from these major sources of resource depletion.

This requires a radical shift away the current linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach. CEMO demonstrate and embeds an alternative approach across an entire sector.

The design of office and commercial spaces is of interest to all SBN members who work in them. Many of our members also work in their design, construction and management. So this project benefits us all.

How this helps your business

Together, we are making a sustainable approach to commercial construction and refurbishment easier and more attractive. This will increase the competitive range of appropriate products and services. It will increase opportunities to recover the cost of products through on-selling, or buy back with the manufacturer.

Whether you are a business refurbishing or building an office, or if doing so is your business, you should get in touch. 

What you can do now

SBN has created the world’s first, freely available Circular Economy Model Office Guide. Download and start using the freely available CEMO guide and resources to reduce waste and cost, as well as providing a platform for creativity, in your commercial build or refurbishment.

Then share your CEMO success with us.


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Organisations involvedAUT University, EnviroSpec and a range of other architects and product manufacturers.

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