February – Get active month

Bike 2050 is part of SBN’s Smart Transport work that looks to move New Zealand to a fully renewable and low carbon future.

Go By Bike

Active modes of transport, such as biking or walking, are beneficial to your business (through improving the wellbeing of your employees and reducing parking and car maintenance costs), the  environment (through reducing carbon emissions and pollution), and your health.

As part of the Bike 2050 project, SBN is making February 2016 a ‘get active’ month to encourage and challenge you, your colleagues, friends and family to get on your bike during and outside of the work day.

There will be Go By Bike events on 10 February in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch alongside other exciting initiatives, deals and events in February. Check back here throughout the month for more information. This is brought to you in partnership with NZTA, AECOM, SBN and Fulton Hogan.


Cycling is fun, good for your health, wallet and reducing your carbon and environmental footprint.

Here are a few tips to support staff to cycle more regularly and to ensure safety:

  • Make Health & Safety a priority. See how the Health and Safety Act 2015 will impact your workplace by checking out the advice from the Cycling Action Network.
  • Start a buddy system to support people that are not so confident
  • Provide bike helmets and safety gear (e.g. high-vis vests)
  • Ideally provide shower facilities and bike parking at your work place
  • Get staff to wear something bright and colourful for those not so sunny days

Riding (commuting to and from work)

  • Identify cycling champions in your workplace – they are a great resource for others in your team who maybe keen to ride more often.
  • Help staff plan out the best route prior to riding.
  • So they are up to date have the official NZ Code for Cyclists available for employees to read. This ensures riders are aware of best practice safety.
  • If you have a bike pool – make sure you provide maintained and road-worthy bikes (e.g. brakes working, tyres pumped) and a system that allows staff to report any damage or faults easily so they are quickly fixed.
  • Brush up your cycling skills: Check out Adventure Capital or Bikeability for cycle training and education, or enquire through your local council.
  • Learn/understand how to ride to the conditions e.g. wet weather, heavy traffic and in a manner consistent with the road code.

Benefits of cycling according to SynergyHealth

  • It’s a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Health experts recommend that adults do 150 minutes of exercise per week. 
  • Daily exercise is good for one’s mental health and exercises the brain. When you exercise your body produces a range of feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.

The cost of using a bike for transportation is significantly cheaper than owning a car. Fuel costs and parking are free and if you take care of your bike maintenance costs should be at a minimum. 

Get Active meme 3


  • National – Bike Wise’s Go By Bike Day is being held on Wednesday 10 February. This is a ride to work initiative and you can find out more here.
  • Auckland – throughout February Auckland Transport is running the 2016 Auckland Bike Challenge – a fun, free workplace competition – to encourage people to ride bikes.  Ride anytime, anywhere, for just 10 minutes or more to participate. Register here.
  • Auckland – Auckland Transport and Cycling New Zealand are hosting free Road Cycling Workshops to help improve your confidence, skill and safety when riding in a bunch.  Auckland Transport also provides free introductory courses for those wanting to learn the basics. Registration is essential at www.at.govt.nz/cyclingsthego.
  • Wellington – on Sunday 14 February the Miramar Peninsula will be closed to cars and open to people. See full details here.


Are you an SBN member that offers cycling related products or services?  If you’d like to put up a special offer for February please contact George Harris on support@sustainable.org.nz with a maximum of 100 words explaining your offer and an appropriate photo.

RAGLAN OFFER from Quikes.


Quikes imports and builds a range of exciting and innovative bikes and is based in Raglan.

For those who trial and purchase an ELF (a solar/pedal hybrid vehicle) while in Raglan, Quikes will deduct $100 – $200 off your accommodation or if you choose not to stay in Raglan, will cover your transport costs. Please note this offer only stands if the ELF is purchased and there will be signed agreement for trialling the bike.

During the month of February Quikes will offer the new add-e (a tool that turns a normal bike into an electric bike) for $1200 + GST (a saving of $100) or for off-roaders the 600 watt motor for $1500 + GST

If you choose to buy an add-e while in Raglan Quikes will pay for the installation of the add-e onto your bike at the Cyclery Raglan.

To take up the offer please contact Deb King on deb@quikes.co.nz with SBN Raglan Offer in the title.