Ahika Consulting

In 2019 Ahika Consulting initiated a programme in Otago and Southland to assist 22 Māori businesses understand and prepare for a low carbon future.

The purpose of the programme was to empower Māori businesses by helping them to understand the role carbon played within their operations. With this information they could then take action to offset, mitigate or reduce their emissions. By building capability Ahika is helping strengthen the collective ability to make positive, lasting transformational change.

Ahika used a kaupapa Māori approach of kanohi ki te kanohi (face-to-face) discussions with each business. These personal conversations contributed to the success of the initiative as it allowed for a greater exchange of information. By gaining in-depth insights the Ahika team was able to tailor the information and advice provided to each business.

Ahika aims to extend the programme nationwide.