Aleshia Johnson

Aleshia is Managing Director and Pharmacist of Kōaka: natural and sustainable skincare products made from organic New Zealand hemp. She is pictured above with founders Brad Lake and Brendon McIntosh.

Kōaka was developed out of the need for a natural alternative for inflammatory skin conditions. Kōaka’s products are designed to be simple and effective and are produced as sustainably as possible. As a Māori pharmacist, Aleshia uses the principles of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of the land to ensure practices are sustainable and of benefit to whenua. Aleshia aims to inspire rangatiratanga (ownership and responsibility) of our own health by engaging with communities and providing education to other community pharmacists about the effectiveness of hemp for natural healing.

Kōaka uses 100% natural ingredients from products grown and manufactured in Aotearoa. It contracts organic farmers to grow hemp as a viable option to diversify their farming practices. Packaging is as sustainable as possible with glass bottles for hemp seed oil and hemp cardboard for solid shampoo bars. Products are delivered to consumers in 100% home compostable mailer bags.