Beca has identified opportunities to support rapid decarbonisation post COVID-19 while supporting strong economic recovery and job creation.

In May, Beca ran a communications campaign consisting of a two-part thought leadership series. This centred on eight key transitions Beca believes will help create tangible change. The series was published on the website and promoted. It was well received, with numerous industry groups resharing the message across their channels. The decarbonisation thought leadership piece has been read almost 2,700 times on the website.

Beca was invited to participate in VisonWeekNZ, by way of a 90-second video and a webinar that delved into further detail on some transitions. It has since developed an 11-part podcast series: Getting to Carbon Positive, expanding on critical subjects such as what New Zealanders could learn from a Māori view on decarbonisation, and the role digital platforms can play.