Bostock Brothers

Bostock Brothers

Bostock Brothers is New Zealand’s only certified organic chicken producer.

The business produces, owns and manages all aspects of its production and supply chain: organic feed, chickens, processing and marketing. The chickens are certified by Asure Quality and free of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals.

Bostock Brothers was the first, and is still the only business in New Zealand, to use home compostable meat packaging made from corn sources and wood pulp. Customers can return packaging for free if they don’t have a home compost. The business composts the packaging which is then used to fertilise the maize grown for chicken feed.

Bostock Brothers is the only chicken producer in New Zealand that does not use chlorine water baths. Instead it uses an innovative air chilling technique that is much better for the consumer, the environment and the quality of the product. Chlorine water baths are banned in Europe.

Bostock Brothers’ commitment to organic growing practices is based on preserving the natural resources of Hawke’s Bay for future generations.