Carbon Click

CarbonClick has taken the concept of purchasing carbon offsets (common on airline websites) and applied it to online shopping. It offers a carbon offsetting service to large and small businesses.

A customer buying online from a CarbonClick-enabled business can add a small fee to their purchase to offset their carbon footprint.

The customer’s contribution helps fund certified offset projects that fight climate change. The projects include conserving native forests in New Zealand and supporting renewable energy initiatives. Consumers can also choose to fight climate change every day with a carbon offsetting subscription service.

Making a measurable difference in the fight against climate change is at the centre of CarbonClick. Its goal is to offset 100,000 tonnes of carbon every month by October 2021. It has developed a Shopify offsetting plugin which has seen fantastic growth in more than 50 countries. In just three months, more than 7,000 CarbonClick purchases resulted in an overall offset of 1000 tonnes of carbon emissions.