Carbon Clicks

CarbonClick aims to make carbon offsetting something every Kiwi does when they are making a transaction online.

You’ve probably seen the carbon-offset feature that airlines offer to passengers. CarbonClick takes that concept and enables it for any kind of purchase, any product, any shopping cart.

A customer in a CarbonClick-enabled online checkout sees a ‘green button’. By pressing it, they add a small fee (normally $1-$2) to their purchase, which buys a carbon offset to reverse their carbon footprint. Their contribution funds certified offset projects that fight climate change, conserving native NZ forests and supporting renewable energy initiatives.

Consumers can go even further and fight climate change every day with CarbonClick’s carbon offsetting subscription service.

CarbonClick was launched in late 2019 and is now used by more than 400 online stores. By July 2020 users had offset close to 1000 tonnes of carbon emissions.