Foodstuffs and CHEP

Foodstuffs North Island is working closely with CHEP NZ, a sustainable logistics company, to ensure that consumer goods flow efficiently using a circular ‘share and reuse’ model. Wooden pallets are repaired multiple times and delivery crates are washed after every cycle before being delivered to manufacturers and growers to refill. The initiative is scalable and establishes a model for further collaboration.

Their latest initiative is transport collaboration. Rather than trucks dropping off goods and leaving empty, Foodstuffs and CHEP have analysed customer delivery routes and combined their needs so trucks always have a full load. The transportation collaboration is operational solely in the North Island but will be rolled out nationwide.

As a result of this initiative, in 2020 alone Foodstuffs and CHEP forecast there will be 1,100 fewer trucks on the roads; a reduction in 200,000 km travelled; a reduction of 75,000 litres of diesel; and 180 tonnes less CO2 generated.