Ged Finch

Ged is the inventor of X-Frame, a structural wall framing system that allows a building’s walls to be cost-effectively deconstructed and reused, over and over again.

The building industry is New Zealand’s largest single contributor to landfill. With the aim of preventing this waste and successfully commercialising circular building systems, Ged founded the X-Frame New Zealand company in 2018 and co-founded X-Frame Australia in 2020.

Ged has spent more than three and a half years developing the X-Frame technology into an adaptable, lightweight, and reusable building product. He works extensively with stakeholders across all stages of a building’s lifecycle to upskill their understanding of circular economy requirements. He is hands-on in almost all new installations of the system and is responsible for research and development.

X-Frame aims to make the deconstruction and reuse of building materials standard practice. On construction projects using X-Frame, the quantity of waste sent to landfill during construction is reduced by 86%. Direct material recovery and reuse rates are greater than 96%.