Humanitix has been transforming the New Zealand events ticketing landscape for the past 18 months. Humanitix combines sustainable business and philanthropy as a force for good, making every ticket count and making live events more accessible to people with disabilities.

It offers an intuitive and sophisticated platform to enhance event management, sales, marketing and brand-building. Clients then benefit from making an ethical choice for ticketing and an event management platform.

Humanitix powers thousands of events with clients including the Wanaka A&P Show, NZ Techweek, The New Frontiers Summit, King Beats Music Festival, The United Nations Association and The Attitude Awards.

Humanitix directs 100% of profits from booking fees to education programmes. They include tech equity for Māori, Pasifika and disadvantaged learners in low decile schools and literacy programmes for disadvantaged girls in low-income countries.