Jacobsen is a flooring importer and distributor. It recognised the need to change behaviour and environmental outcomes regarding flooring waste. Without direct control over the value chain, collaboration was key to initiating and leading a new product stewardship programme.

Jacobsen began a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to reuse carpet tiles. Together, they facilitated connections between Jacobsen projects, flooring installers and local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) outlets to resell and reuse the pre-loved tiles. This helps raise funds to support Habitat for Humanity in their work with families in need of housing.

Jacobsen has collaborated with suppliers and flooring installers to recycle installation off-cuts and used material. Jacobsen collects and separates material so international factories can recycle it in the highest value stream. For some suppliers this is a world first trial, particularly with installation off-cuts which represent approximately 7% of every installation.

Launched in June 2020, Jacobsen continues to evolve the scheme. In the first month alone, the carpet tiles from four commercial projects were diverted from landfill and sold instead through Habitat for Humanity ‘ReStore’ outlets.