Open Country Dairy

Open Country Dairy is the world’s second largest exporter of premium whole milk powders. With global demand for products growing, Open Country Dairy is building a third milk powder dryer at its Awarua site near Invercargill.

The milk drying process requires steam production, traditionally provided by coal boilers. Open Country Dairy was determined to find the most sustainable boiler with the smallest environmental footprint. It embarked on an exhaustive feasibility study, assessing available global and local technology.

The company chose an electrode boiler, which produces 4,650 metric tonnes less annual CO2 emissions than a coal boiler – near zero emissions. Energy to power the boiler comes from renewable sources with no associated third-party emissions, such as the trucking of coal.

This is the first electrode boiler to generate steam for a milk powder dryer in NZ. Open Country intends this initiative to pave the way for other manufacturers to transition to more renewable energy sources.