Steve West

Steve West

Steve founded ChargeNet, the largest privately-owned, fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in the Southern Hemisphere. It has become a catalyst for accelerating the growth of EVs in New Zealand.

Steve has put massive investment into rolling out a nationwide network of fast charging stations. This has given equipment manufacturers and importers the confidence to import many more EVs and motivated drivers to buy them.

When Steve started ChargeNet in 2015, there were just 500 EVs registered in New Zealand and no EV fast charging network on the horizon. Today, there are 22,000 EVs and ChargeNet is the leading supplier of EV charging infrastructure. It has more than 324 chargers across the country. This has made it possible to travel the length and breadth of New Zealand in an EV, with ever-increasing ease and it is helping our transition to a low carbon economy.

Steve has lent his personal fleet of EVs to friends, politicians, journalists and public figures in the belief that if you try an EV you are likely to be a convert. He gives his time to display his vehicles and speak at conferences and events around the country. He is regularly approached by the media for comment on EVs.

Steve also co-founded the Better NZ Trust, to educate and create opportunities for New Zealanders to live more sustainably. He is a member of the Drive Electric Board, which lobbies government on EVs, and the Electric Vehicles Programme Leadership Group.