The Formary

The Formary

In 2016 The Formary initiated a cross industry collaboration to radically reduce the environmental impacts of textiles and clothing in New Zealand. As a result the Usedfully® Textile Reuse Programme was launched two years ago.

Clothing and textiles registered on the Usedfully® platform become tradeable resources at end-of-use, providing a known and reliable source of fibres for second generation products. They create new revenue opportunities for the industry without the environmental impacts. For example, waste textiles have provided an alternative additive to imported cellulose used in roading products.

Through research and development, more solutions for reusing textile resources are being added all the time. Collectively, they create a low carbon clothing system that reduces the need for more virgin resources.

The first organisation on the Usedfully® platform has conserved over 8,500kg of CO2e and 856,000 litres of water.

The latest innovation within the programme is to establish a nationally accredited and voluntary textile product stewardship scheme.