The Sleep Store

The Sleep Store started out as an online retailer of baby products and quickly evolved. Founded in 2006 on firm values of building sustainable communities, it has had an impact on tens of thousands of families with initiatives like its free sleep advice programme.

The Sleep Store campaigns for safe sleep products and chooses not to stock many popular and profitable products that are unregulated in New Zealand and deemed unsafe overseas. For example, there are no regulations for baby carriers in New Zealand, so The Sleep Store only sells carriers that meet international regulations. It also runs an initiative to recycle baby carriers, providing a safe carrying option for families that can’t afford a carrier, or that might otherwise choose a cheap, unsafe or counterfeit carrier. In tandem, it actively educates families about baby safety.

The Sleep Store contributes to charities that align with its values. It has raised and donated more than $60,000 for poverty relief and freshwater projects in the Pacific.