Going Circular Award

As pressure on resources grows, we need to shift to a more circular economy – where the lifecycles of materials will be maximised, optimised and continued indefinitely through continuous reuse. This award is sponsored by Auckland Council.

Traditional businesses are predominantly based on a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model. But as pressure on resources grows we need to shift to a more circular economy. This is where the lifecycle of materials is maximised, usage optimised, and at the end of life all materials are re-used – keeping resource and material in useful ‘loops’.

Opportunities for circular economy innovation abound at every stage in a business. Going circular means designing your products or services to help create a low carbon circular economy in New Zealand.  

This award will be presented to an organisation that is making demonstrable progress towards going circular.

Enter if your organisation is using circular economy principles to go circular. This could include innovative product, material or service design, product life extension (e.g. by repair, remanufacturing or reuse), product stewardship, dematerialisation, ‘product as a service’, the ‘sharing economy’, or creating value from waste.

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To find out more about the Going Circular category of the Sustainable Business Awards, read our Guide.

We asked Auckland Council what inspired them to sponsor the Sustainable Business Awards:

“Auckland Council has committed to an ambitious goal of being zero waste by 2040. In order to achieve this the region needs to maximise the use of all resources in order to minimise waste and business has a key role to play. Where the majority of our society and traditional businesses are predominantly based on a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model, some innovative businesses are shifting towards a circular economy. Sponsorship of this circular economy award is part of our commitment to encourage, support and recognise organisations that are doing some amazing work in this area.”

Auckland council