Golden Bay Fruit – 2021 Awards finalist

Golden Bay Fruit

Stormy Fruit was launched in February 2021 in response to a freak hail storm which hit the Motueka/Golden Bay region and devastated many local orchards just before harvest. Golden Bay Fruit developed the Stormy Fruit brand to create a channel for fruit that was deemed ‘imperfect’ for Class 1 exports, but was far too good to be discarded or juiced.

The company seized this as an opportunity to reduce unnecessary waste in the food production sector. Since launching Stormy Fruit, it has received an overwhelmingly positive response from media, buyers and growers who are relieved that their hard work has not gone to waste. To date, the business has exported more than two million kilograms of Stormy Fruit and brought on four new growers that did not have an outlet for their hail-affected fruit.