GoodSense and Outside the Box Caskets – 2021 Awards finalist

GoodSense and Outside the Box Caskets – 2021 Awards finalist

GoodSense, an ethical marketing agency, supported start-up Outside the Box Caskets in launching a 100% biodegradable cardboard casket business in early 2020. Together, the companies created a media relations strategy that included identifying the stories and one-on-one coaching for founder Becs Bartells to pitch the launch to mainstream media.

The focus was to get journalists to understand why Outside The Box Caskets is a sustainable option and to raise the broader issue of sustainability in the industry. The launch story explained why Outside the Box Caskets was created by this passionate Auckland-based industrial designer.

Becs was interviewed on TV (The AM Show and Seven Sharp), radio (RNZ, Hauraki), magazine (NBR and New Zealand Women’s Weekly) and digital media (The Spinoff). Outside the Box Caskets and GoodSense also worked together to create a social media strategy.

The communications campaign reached more than one million Kiwis. It resulted in increased sales and a second production run with consumers asking funeral directors to stock the cardboard caskets.

The collaborative and coached approach generated a phenomenal return on marketing spend and upskilled Becs for undertaking future media relations work.