Happy Cow Milk – 2021 Awards finalist

Happy Cow Milk

Happy Cow Milk has designed kegs that automatically pasteurise raw milk on the farm and chill it ready for delivery. Kegs are delivered directly to local cafes, schools or public spaces where they are plugged into dispensing units. They can be accessed and operated by anyone with a smart device and the Happy Cow Milk app. The system promotes zero-waste as the kegs are used to store, pasteurise and deliver the milk.

Happy Cow Milk empowers local farmers to support their communities. It offers the farmer better remuneration and a sustainable model, simultaneously. By March 2025 it aims to have eliminated 750,000 plastic milk bottles per month from landfill and recycling systems. Every keg eliminates the equivalent of 30 bottles.

Happy Cow Milk is living proof that where there is a will to go circular, there is certainly a way. It was originally launched by Glen Herud in 2014. After an initial setback, Glen was inundated with support and Happy Cow Milk 2.0 was launched via PledgeMe in 2019.