Our Impact Report

SBN Impact Report

The Sustainable Business Network was created in 2002. We set our sights on having a massive positive impact on the sustainability of New Zealand businesses, our economy and our way of life.

Almost 20 years later this still holds true.

Our current work is carried out under three main priorities. We’re acting on climate. We’re designing out waste. We’re regenerating nature.

As we’ve developed and grown, so has our impact. Our inaugural impact report is a chance for investors in our work to see all our progress and impact in one place. It’s an opportunity to take an inside look at the thinking and processes that make this happen.

We aim for our impact report to be transparent, accountable and honest. Our ambition is to radically increase and expand our impact in the next few years, commensurate with meeting the scale of the challenges and opportunities ahead, and the expected rate of change.

None of our work could have been achieved without the continued support and participation of organisations in the SBN network. We thank them for being an integral part of this movement.

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