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Investors of the Sustainable Business Network include corporates, small and medium businesses, not for profits and councils. Click on their profiles to find out about their organisations and sustainability actions. Although not featured, our network also includes individuals.
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    Blue Cars Limited

    Our purpose at Blue Cars is to accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles in New Zealand. By providing EV’s (Nissan Leaf) through rentals and experience packages, we enable people a chance to try the EV phenomenon before committing to a purchase.  Given the rapid pace of development over the last few years, electric vehicles have become an increasingly viable and Read more [...]

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    Karaka Pines Villages

    KPV designs, builds and manages retirement villages. Our financial model returns residents nearly 90% of the sale price of their unit. This is in contrast to most retirement villages where residents only get 70 – 80% of their original purchase price, eroding their wealth. In this we are practising a strong social and economic sustainability ethic. We have joined SBN Read more [...]

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    HR Cement Ltd – makers of Ecocem

    HR Cement will launch a new lowembodied carbon cement called Ecocem in mid 2019. Eco-cem is a pozzolanic cement.  Pozzolanic cements are very common and well proven globally but until now have not been easily  and cost effectively available in NZ.   Eco-cem reduces embodied carbon by 25-30%, and in addition makes a concrete that is much more durable, and all Read more [...]

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    Exhibit Group

    Exhibit Group has over 30 years experience servicing the exhibition, events and trade display industries. We build outstanding high quality displays and signage, provide logistics services, display maintenance and storage too!   We are a New Zealand owned and operated business and have have a proud history in dealing with some of the best display systems in the world. We Read more [...]

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    NZI is one of New Zealand’s largest and most well-known insurance brands, offering an extensive selection of flexible, comprehensive insurance services for people and businesses throughout the country.

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    Planet Protector Packaging

    We’re an innovative, award-winning manufacturer of sustainable thermal packaging made from sheep’s waste wool. Our mission is to remove polystyrene from our planet by providing cost-effective, sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. We design with the circular economy in mind, utilising waste materials and giving them new life through our products. Every year around 8 million metric tonnes of plastic are dumped into Read more [...]

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Showing Investors 1-10 of 495