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Investors of the Sustainable Business Network include corporates, small and medium businesses, not for profits and councils. Click on their profiles to find out about their organisations and sustainability actions. Although not featured, our network also includes individuals.
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    Energy Solution Providers Ltd.

    UNLOCK THE OPPORTUNITIES HIDDEN IN YOUR DATA. ESP is the largest utilities management company in New Zealand and is the leading expert in combining big data techniques, advanced AI analytics and engineering nous to reduce costs and improve profitability through more efficient asset utilisation. We are at the forefront in utilising cloud-based computing resources via AWS to assist over 70 Read more [...]

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    Inzide Commercial Ltd

    Inzide is a proud Member of the Sustainable Business Network. At Inzide, everything we do has the planet in mind. From the brands we supply to the New Zealand market, to processes we follow, we are committed to maintaining and improving our standards. We believe strongly in the circular economy and practice this ethos through the Ministry for Environment accredited Read more [...]

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    Electrify NZ

    Electrify NZ are New Zealand’s electric bike specialists, with nine stores nationwide covering Auckland (Victoria Park, Brown’s Bay and Botany), Wellington (Lower Hutt and Willeston St) as well as Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch and Dunedin. Electrify NZ stocks the best indepedent international brands in their segments – from Magnum’s affordable urban and hybrid bikes, to European-built Bosch city bikes and KTM Read more [...]

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    Air & Odour Management New Zealand Ltd

    AOM New Zealand is at the forefront of innovative equipment for the capture and treatment of commercial kitchen exhaust. Our services encompass all aspects of design, specification and supply of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and air cleaning units. We believe in the benefits of clean air and quality ventilation systems. We are passionate about chef comfort, energy efficiency and fire safety. Read more [...]

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