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    Bazzacam Ltd

    Bazzacam Ltd was born out of the TVNZ new media team, Baz being the project manager. Now all media is ‘new media’ and Baz and associates assist individuals and organisations to tell their stories, either producing their videos for them, or mentoring them to produce their own, using only their smart devices to shoot, edit and publish.

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    Make Good

    MAKE.GOOD is a boutique sustainability and innovation consultancy. We work with clothing and accessory brands and retailers to design, source and make their products responsibly, to the benefit of people and the planet. We arm clients with the tools they need to thrive as a modern fashion business, to address global challenges through innovation, and to meet the demands of Read more [...]

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    The Purpose Business

    We are the Brand Purpose Agency. We help organisations create value by connecting them to their customers and stakeholders through the power of Purpose.  We work with SME and Corporate organisations to define Purpose, and ensure it is embedded in business, brand and sustainability strategy.  We also help organisations bring their Purpose to life through outstanding internal and external communications, Read more [...]

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    Green Business HQ

    Green Business HQ is a sustainability consulting firm that helps organisations forge a pathway to sustainability and competitive advantage. Green Business HQ offers bespoke low carbon and sustainability strategies, action plans and in-depth environmental advice for businesses, industry sectors and government. Green Business HQ offers professional sustainability advice for any organisation (public or private) in any industry, with the ability to assess your Read more [...]

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    Organic Wealth

    Organic Wealth is a waste minimisation consultancy and education firm that are committed to supporting businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our range of services includes waste audits, bin implementations, education, public event recycling management, monitoring and support. Our Save on Waste audit and report service provides tangible, baseline data for businesses to see where they are currently at and Read more [...]

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    The Better NZ Trust

    We have a vision to create environmental, financial and health benefits for all New Zealanders through education, and assisting in the adoption of zero carbon renewable energy technologies.  Leading The Charge is a community of drivers, enthusiasts, and advocates who are helping to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles in New Zealand by sharing our knowledge and passion through public Read more [...]

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    AUT University

    Auckland University of Technology was established in 2000 and is now one of New Zealand’s leading universities having graduated 25,000 students with undergraduate and post graduate degrees and grown its total enrolments to more than 19,000 students. AUT is New Zealand’s newest university; however our history in education is over 110 years old. AUT provides education and research under the Read more [...]

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    Tickled Pink

    Building your business’ performance from the inside. We use advanced diagnostic technology and effective human facilitation to create deeper engagement, alignment and enhanced performance from your teams. We work with lead teams, small targeted groups and enterprise-wide.  Tickled Pink will boost your business’ productivity, innovation, collaboration and customer experience by: Deepening understanding of what employees need to be deeply engaged Read more [...]

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Showing Education & Training 1-10 of 27