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    Rockstock is stone paper that is photo-degradable, waterproof, recyclable and compostable. This rich mineral paper offers exceptional printing and claims to be the world’s most environmentally friendly paper. It can also be used for packaging.



    “Rockstock” is the registered trade-name of a ground-breaking high quality, coated paper with outstanding environmental values that prints brilliantly using standard inks.(No special inks are required.)

    It can be used in most situations where conventional and synthetic paper is used and offers exceptional printing, water proofing and tear resistant qualities. Rockstock claims to be the world’s most environmentally friendly paper.

    Rockstock can be used for labels, brochures, bags, as food trays, cards and a whole range of uses.  Talk to us today about how you can use Rockstock in your business.

    Because growing trees sequesters greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, harvesting trees to produce wood fibre paper creates a carbon footprint.

    Rockstock’s carbon footprint is further reduced because its manufacture uses approximately half the energy of making virgin pulp paper and approximately a third the energy of recycled pulp paper.

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    Sustainability Actions:

    Rockstock, a brand of rich mineral paper (RMP), has a number of unique environmental attributes:

    It has a low CO2 emission profile

    It beneficially reuses a waste stream

    Its manufacture does not pollute waterways and rivers with toxic effluent

    No airborne, waterborne or solid waste

    Halogen Free

    No acid, base or bleach, no optical brighteners eg Titanium Dioxide.

    No Phalates or harmful chemicals (RoHs, REACH)

    Its manufacture uses relatively little energy.

    It is estimated that the production of 1 ton of RMP means compared with pulp paper:

    7480 gallons of fresh water saved

    reduction of CO2 release

    19.05 Kg water-borne waste not produced

    107.05 Kg atmospheric emissions eliminated

    6 million BTU's energy not consumed

    20 trees not cut down

    Figures provided by Environmental Defense

    Rockstock is the environmentally responsible alternative to regular paper made from wood pulp or synthetic paper. Rockstock is a tree free paper that helps preserve forests worldwide that are decreasing in size rapidly. The extensive harvesting of trees is having a deep impact on global climate change. By using ground up waste rock (CaCO3) as the primary content instead of tree fibre, Rockstock replaces a limited and required resource with a superfluous mineral, considered as production waste in other industries.

    No bleaches, acids, alkali, or other potentially dangerous ingredients are used in the production of Rockstock as the paper gets its white colour from the high concentration of Calcium Carbonate which is naturally white. This means that Rockstock does not pollute the air, rivers, and drinking water reserves with any harmful chemicals. "The colour of the paper is the colour of the stone!"

    The World Health Organisation says the earth's atmosphere should not exceed 350ppm. We are now at 388ppm and rising. Using Rockstock will help to slow the CO2 increase in our atmosphere.

    Rockstock is your chance to leave a much smaller footprint......

    Just because we live in New Zealand, what happens overseas does affect us.

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