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Our work is made possible thanks to the support we receive from our network of Investors for Impact. Our network consists of organisations that collectively invest in people and nature by funding our essential work on system change.
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    Critical. is a cleantech startup on a mission to end plastic pollution beginning with the 252K tonnes of plastic waste New Zealand sends to landfill every year. We do this through our Plastic Product Stewardship Programme by partnering with big local brands like Fonterra, The Warehouse Group, Sanford, etc, as well as small and medium brands, to transform their hard Read more [...]

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    Digital Advisor

    Do better online by working with a trusted expert on digital strategy, web design, online marketing and technology. We’ve been building websites since 2001. Along the way, we learned a few things about doing business online. We learned a great deal about the challenges our clients faced, and the things that both worked and didn’t work. Most importantly, we learned that Read more [...]

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    anihana (CCE Group Limited)

    anihana creates premium body and hair care products that are more sustainable, safe and affordable for everyday people. As a family owned & operated business, we aim to provide amazing handcrafted products out of our New Zealand-based production facility that: Supports our growing community Promotes sustainable processes including production and packaging Uses ingredients that are safe and that are affordable Read more [...]

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    NZI is one of New Zealand’s largest and most well-known insurance brands, offering an extensive selection of flexible, comprehensive insurance services for people and businesses throughout the country.

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    Apex Insurance

    “How does a responsible corporate work to protect all our futures? By seeking out and working with those who strive for the same goals.” — James McGhie, Managing Director, Apex Insurance Apex believes in the importance of being an environmentally conscious business and we are committed to ongoing sustainability. With offices throughout the country Apex are proud to be the Read more [...]

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    Junk Run Limited

    Junk Run is a hands on rubbish removal service, providing instant, responsible waste solutions to commercial, construction and residential customers since 2005, diverting over 70% from landfill back into the community through strategic alliances with charitable organisations, community groups, collectors, artisans and enthusiasts. Junk Run’s core values centre on protecting the environment through our commitment and dedication to sustainable waste Read more [...]

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Showing Investors 21-30 of 283