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Our work is made possible thanks to the support we receive from our network of Investors for Impact. Our network consists of organisations that collectively invest in people and nature by funding our essential work on system change.
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    3sixty2 Wines

    A story of rule breakers & change makers.  Our wine industry in New Zealand started with just 362 vines. James Busby, a brave British Resident, planted cuttings from this collection on what would become the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands in 1836. And now we’ve come full circle. Welcome to the circular economy. 3sixty2 is a number Read more [...]

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    3R Group Ltd

    As an impact enterprise specialising in product stewardship, circular economy thinking and sustainability, 3R Group Ltd is committed to maximising our positive impact on the world around us – environmentally, socially and economically. Product stewardship is at the centre of our work with businesses, industries and government, helping to create a world free from waste. We consider stewardship – be Read more [...]

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    Zeffer Cider Co.

    At Zeffer we have approached sustainability through the lens of Kaitiakitanga – guardianship and protection. This traditional Māori world view resonates with us in its commitment to conserving, replenishing, and safeguarding for the future. We have an intrinsic connection to our land here in Hawke’s Bay – especially the orchards and apples we rely on to be able to craft Read more [...]

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