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    Verdant Design

    Beautiful Homes created using organic & sustainable materials for a healthy home, healthy life and a healthy environment. Verdant seeks out materials that carefully consider the environment and our health. Organic & sustainable fabrics are our speciality, which we make up into homewares curtains, blinds, cushions, lamps and furniture. Every effort is made to avoid crude-oil based materials wherever possible. Read more [...]

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    Peoples Coffee Ltd

    Coffee is grown on trees, by people, utilizing the limited resources of the planet. A simple but beautiful interaction that enables us to come together over a cup of coffee. An interaction that needs now an immediate response from ourselves. A response that provides assurances that the quality we experience in the cup is wedded not only to taste but Read more [...]

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    Little Yellow Bird

    At Little Yellow Bird we ethically and sustainably¬†make 100% organic cotton uniforms, corporate wear and basics.¬†We are dedicated to making clothes that are good for people and good for the planet. How we got started: Several years ago we noticed that while high fashion had sustainable options for consumers, we couldn’t find anywhere to buy sustainable and ethically made uniforms, Read more [...]

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