Maggie Marilyn – 2021 Awards finalist

Maggie Hewitt

Maggie Marilyn’s mission is to transform the fashion industry to one that is transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive. It is focused on closing the loop within its own operations by the end of 2022.

In 2019 the Auckland-based business released its ‘Somewhere’ range of clothing. This uses organic cotton, New Zealand Merino and recycled nylon (ECONYL®) across the range and all are traceable back to source.

This year Maggie Marilyn is launching the ‘Somewhere Take-back Scheme’ so those garments can be recycled or composted when they reach their end of life. This initiative is expected to be available in both Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia by the end of 2022. To extend the life of garments in its ‘Forever’ range Maggie Marilyn offers free repairs – forever.

Maggie Marilyn put a halt on all wholesale sales in November 2020. This fundamentally altered its entire business model, making it a direct to customer business.