Member Editing Instructions

Dear member,

It’s straightforward to complete your profile; simply follow the steps below. To help you, check out some profiles that have already been completed on the first page of the directory (some of our 2013 Awards finalists).

  1. To edit your business listing, click on ‘Edit My Business Listing’ in the top left hand corner. This takes you to a page where there are four tabs along the top.
  2. You will arrive on the tab called ‘Regions and Categories’. This asks you for information about the region of the country you are based in.
  3. When you have completed this page, click on the next tab along the top – called ‘Business listing’. This is where you put in most of the information that will appear on your directory page:
  4. Your logo or another image that will appear in your listing (the list of different businesses).
  5. Feature image: the image that will appear across the top of your directory profile page.
  6. Member Intro: max. 250 characters. This text will appear in your listing as well as the top of your directory profile page. The search function will scan the introduction, so include any key words about your business here (words that you think people might search for if they’re looking for your product/service).
  7. Member bio: a full description of your business including any sustainability initiatives you would like to highlight. If you want to add more images or videos, you can do that here by clicking the ‘add media’ button. You can also use the tool bar to format your text if you wish (e.g. to make something bold, add bullet points etc, similar to Word documents).
  8. Next, click the ‘Contact details’ tab along the top, and complete.
  9. Then, click on ‘further information’. This page covers information about your business and sustainability. This is important because we want the directory to be transparent, so users can see any evidence of your commitment to sustainability (e.g. certifications, participation in sustainability programmes, awards, etc) and how your business is contributing to a more sustainable NZ. We know that all of our members contribute to enhancing the sustainability of NZ in different ways and we’ve made this a mandatory field for you to fill out so that others can see this as well. If you have difficulty answering this question please get in touch with us so we can help.
  10. When you have finished, click on the button on the right hand side ‘Submit Changes for Review’. We will then check your profile before publishing it live on the website. If we come across any inconsistencies we will check them with you first.

Sustainability transparency

The directory is a key part of our plan to shift procurement onto a path where sustainability plays a more significant role. Therefore we will be encouraging users of the directory to ask sustainability related questions.  This is the chance to highlight your sustainable practices and successes, and why procuring with you is a good choice. 

Making changes to your profile

You can make changes to your profile at any time. Simply log back in and make your alterations. Then click the button ‘Submit Changes for Review’ again.

Don’t forget we’re here to help so if you need any advice on this please get in touch.