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    Blue Cars Limited

    Our purpose at Blue Cars is to accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles in New Zealand. By providing EV’s (Nissan Leaf) through rentals and experience packages, we enable people a chance to try the EV phenomenon before committing to a purchase.  Given the rapid pace of development over the last few years, electric vehicles have become an increasingly viable and Read more [...]

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    The Purpose Business

    We are the Brand Purpose Agency. We help organisations create value by connecting them to their customers and stakeholders through the power of Purpose.  We work with SME and Corporate organisations to define Purpose, and ensure it is embedded in business, brand and sustainability strategy.  We also help organisations bring their Purpose to life through outstanding internal and external communications, Read more [...]

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    Hillary Outdoors Education Centre

    Who are we? Hillary Outdoors (formerly The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre of New Zealand, commonly known as OPC) is a charitable trust that provides outdoor education primarily to young people. Hillary Outdoors opened its first centre in 1972 beside the Tongariro National Park. In 2006 a second centre opened on Great Barrier Island with a marine focus.

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    NZ Safety Blackwoods

    As New Zealand’s leading supplier of safety equipment, engineering supplies, uniforms and packaging, nothing is more important to us than helping you get the job done. With our vast product range, long history of servicing all sectors of New Zealand, and extensive portfolio of specialist and technical services, we deliver all your safety, industrial and packaging requirements. We will work Read more [...]

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    TetraMap International

    Our core belief: Everything we do is centred around one core belief: strength lies in valuing differences. We help you simplify the complexity of how people work together, enabling teams to foster and leverage their natural diversity to creatively solve a range of organisational challenges. Nature as a Metaphor Using Nature as a metaphor (the four Elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire), Read more [...]

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    Make Good

    MAKE.GOOD is a boutique sustainability and innovation consultancy. We work with clothing and accessory brands and retailers to design, source and make their products responsibly, to the benefit of people and the planet. We arm clients with the tools they need to thrive as a modern fashion business, to address global challenges through innovation, and to meet the demands of Read more [...]

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Showing Education & Training 21-28 of 28