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    CS-VUE – EH&S Compliance Online

    CS-VUE is a software company that provides powerful, smart and simple online tools to responsible companies and organisations looking to reduce EH&S risk, while maintaining high levels of compliance via our Environmental Management Platform.   In a world of never-stand-still deadlines, shifting priorities and increasingly technicalregulatory environments, the burden of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance seems to be greater than Read more [...]

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    Paradigm Associates

    Kia Ora, Paradigm is a sustainable communications, design and print business committed to creating better futures for our communities and this extraordinary earth. Eco printing with vegetable inks, recycled papers, non-PVC display, signage…  Paradigm is an Auckland design company specialising in what we loosely describe as ‘public interest’ work. Areas of special interest are: environment and sustainability, social justice, public Read more [...]

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    Good Works Video

    Good Works Video produces videography & motion design for businesses and organisations dedicated to making a difference in the areas of social development, sustainability and the environment. We have over 20 years experience in video production and we would like to use our talents for GOOD … we are passionate about making a difference and love to apply our skills Read more [...]

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    The Spinoff

    Launched in 2014 The Spinoff is New Zealand’s fastest growing online media brand producing content that’s smart, funny and provocative. We’ve broken some of the country’s biggest stories, changed the way journalism works on the internet, and provided a fresh voice on what New Zealand should look like. The Spinoff and its staff have won numerous awards for our work in the short time we’ve been a part of the New Zealand Read more [...]

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    MyTechies Limited

    MyTechies was founded in 2016 with the goal of delivering the best in technology strategy, services and support. Our purpose is to support organisations, communities and the environment through the strategic use of technology. We can help with IT strategy, cloud solutions and migrations, computer support, internet and networking including WiFI, procurement, and security – check out our website to Read more [...]

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    Ideqa Limited

    Ideqa’s tailored CX solutions help you to win and keep customers through smarter, better interactions online. The team at Ideqa help businesses win and keep customers by continuously improving their online interactions. Every time a customer contacts your business, those interactions get better over time. This is because the software is intelligent and learns what customers are looking for. All of Read more [...]

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Showing Information 1-10 of 17