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Members of the Sustainable Business Network include corporates, small and medium businesses, not for profits and councils. Click on their profiles to find out about their organisations and sustainability actions. Although not featured, our network also includes individuals.
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    Stormwater360 New Zealand

    Stormwater360 is New Zealand’s only specialist stormwater technology company with over 22 years’ experience and expertise in managing every aspect of stormwater management. Since 1996, we have developed and delivered efficient, innovative and award-winning solutions to manage stormwater runoff and reduce its impact on the environment.

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    AUT University

    Auckland University of Technology was established in 2000 and is now one of New Zealand’s leading universities having graduated 25,000 students with undergraduate and post graduate degrees and grown its total enrolments to more than 19,000 students. AUT is New Zealand’s newest university; however our history in education is over 110 years old. AUT provides education and research under the Read more [...]

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    Waiheke Resources Trust

    Waiheke Resources Trust is about creating a great place to live. The aim of the Trust is to educate and inform the Waiheke community, as well as visitors and local businesses, on sustainable practice. Working towards a resource-full future for all.  We believe together we can make Waiheke a sustainable community We do lots of different things to reach that Read more [...]

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    The Spinoff

    Launched in 2014 The Spinoff is New Zealand’s fastest growing online media brand producing content that’s smart, funny and provocative. We’ve broken some of the country’s biggest stories, changed the way journalism works on the internet, and provided a fresh voice on what New Zealand should look like. The Spinoff and its staff have won numerous awards for our work in the short time we’ve been a part of the New Zealand Read more [...]

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    Low Impact Limited

    Low Impact Limited manufactures a unique, high efficiency worm farm used for processing Organic waste. The system can be used both for domestic and commercial applications.

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    Mindful Money

    Mindful Money is a charitable social enterprise. We aim to make money a force for good. We want Kiwisaver account holders and other investors to be able to align their investments with their values. Mindful Money will provide objective information on credible investment choices, show investors can do well while doing good, and make it easy to invest. We will Read more [...]

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Showing Members 271-280 of 289