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    Armillary Private Capital

    We take our name from the Armillary Sphere which was developed by the ancient Greeks as a tool for teaching and solving astronomical problems. The sphere forms the basis of our logo and the name has been adopted as it relates to the core of our business – solving business problems. At Armillary Private Capital our purpose is enabling success Read more [...]

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    Virtual Financial Controllers

    We can help you embrace sustainability projects by preparing financial forecasting and reports. Our experienced team picks up where your accountant leaves off, using your past financial data to forecast into the future. Based in Wellington and Blenheim, we care deeply about helping companies make sustainable choices for the financial health and longevity of their business and for Aotearoa New Read more [...]

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    AMP Capital

    AMP Capital offers New Zealand investors a range of responsible investment funds to direct money towards sectors, industries and companies making a positive impact on the environment and society, and away from those that cause harm. Test test AMP Capital is a leading global investment house managing over $206 billion in funds, including $21 billion on behalf of New Zealand investors*. Read more [...]

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    Making investing easy 🍍. At Sharesies, we want someone with $50 to have the same investment opportunities as someone with $50,000. With Sharesies, having an investment portfolio is easy—no matter how much money you have. Start investing from as little as $5 and build a Portfolio that’s right for you! You can invest in some of Pathfinder’s Socially Responsible Investment Funds Read more [...]

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    MAS is an insurance and investment company for New Zealand professionals. Established by a group of doctors in 1921, we are a mutual that has been protecting what matters most to our Members for almost 100 years. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything MAS does. As an insurance company, we’re always thinking ahead and working out what we need Read more [...]

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    PledgeMe has helped thousands of people in New Zealand and Australia achieve their dreams. We focus on helping campaigners activate their own crowds, because we believe strengthening existing relationships is so much more powerful than creating new ones based purely on financial return. Friends, fans, and inspired strangers have pledged over $40 million on PledgeMe, funding everything from books about Read more [...]

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